Thank you for your commitment to the rally

We are sorry it was necessary to cancel the rally in 2020 and we hope you will be able to support it again over the weekend of 24/25 April 2021.

Being part of the rally in 2020

The 2020 rally planned for 25th and 26th April will once again rely on a huge number of marshals and other volunteers to be safe and successful.

While people travel from all over the country to be part of the event, we’ll also be making special efforts to recruit, train and support new marshals, reflecting the interest the rally has generated in the communities it passes through.

There will also be other volunteering opportunities around the Clacton HQ and service area, together with the spectator areas, especially as the 2020 rally will take competitive action right into Clacton itself.

We’ll share more information here over the coming months but you can register your interest now.

Please email John Conboy, the rally’s Volunteer Manager –