One Day To Go!

21st April 2018

There is only one day to go until the first closed road stage rally in England but you can see the cars TODAY whilst they go through their technical checks.  This will be happening in the Service Area at the hospital end of the Western Esplanade between 12:00 and 18:00.


Four Days To Go – Inspired to volunteer?

18th April 2018

Did you know that this entire event is organised by volunteers? Did you know that all the marshals and event officials give their time freely to make it happen?

If that sounds like something you could be interested in there are many different roles to suit your skills or available time.

For further information have a read of the Go Motorsport website via the link below or consider joining Chelmsford Motor Club,

Get Volunteering


Chelmsford Motor Club




One week to go!

14th April 2018

With just one week to go until the Corbeau Seats Rally our competitors will be busy preparing to take part in this historic event.

To see which cars and drivers you will be able to watch, take a look at the seeded entry list:

Entry List

Rally Legends

9th April 2018

To celebrate the first closed road stage rally in England Ford of Britain are sending two rally legends to Pollendines Ford, Connaught Avenue, Frinton-on-Sea.

From Saturday 14th of April an ex Bjorn Waldegard Ford Escort Mk2 and the last of the RS200 Group B cars to be built, chassis number 200, will be on display.

Head  to Pollendines Ford to see them!