Welcome, Competitors, Officials, Marshals, Sponsors and everyone involved, to the Corbeau Seats Rally – Tendring & Clacton 2018.

This is ground breaking event which has thrown up many challenges to us as an organising team, but we are delighted that as the big day approaches we can be so positive about how the final touches are falling in to place.

We hope you all enjoy yourselves in whatever role you have on the event, and we want to thank you sincerely for your contribution.

Like all new things, this event represents big change for the people of the Tendring peninsular. Most have been very positive, some are a little unsure, and a small minority need some serious convincing that our sport is a responsible one which can be enjoyable and overall, a positive experience for their community.

Please help us to be ambassadors for our sport and to secure these kind of events for the future by:

–  Appreciating that this event is not to everyone’s taste, and respecting their views even if you disagree.
–  Driving sensibly and with courtesy on the roads before, during and after the event.
–  Leaving the environment as clean and tidy as, or better than, you found it.
–  Respecting what Marshals and Officials tell you, and complying, it is for your benefit and safety.
–  Looking after your own safety and that of everyone around you.

From the Organising Team, have a great weekend.


Event Itinerary

The competitors event itinerary can now be downloaded here:

Event Itinerary

Competitor Bulletin 3

Competitor bulletin 3 is now available and contains important information on the process for signing on, documentation, sound test and scruitineering:

CSRTC 2018 Competitor Bulletin 3 Final

Competitor Bulletin 2

The second competitor bulletin which contains important information about the recce is now available:

Competitor Bulletin 2

Competitor Bulletin 1

Competitor bulletin is now available for download and review:

Competitor Bulletin 1

We recommend you thoroughly read this document and if unsure, ask the organisers for clarification.

Regulations Now Available

The regulations for the first closed road rally in England, the Corbeau Seats Rally – Tendring and Clacton, are now available.

You can download them via the following link:

CSRTC 2018 Regulations

Entries open on the 11th of February at 9:00AM.

First On Scene

We recommend that all competitors and marshals watch the MSA first on scene video before the event: