About the Event

FAQ & Background Information 

What is a ‘stage rally’?
It’s a competition for road legal cars with safety and performance modifications. Experienced drivers, licenced by the Motorsport UK start one at a time, at 30 second or one minute intervals and are timed over the course. The competition takes place over a number of tests called ‘special stages’. The ‘special stages’ can be on roads or tracks closed especially for the purpose. The winner is the car with the lowest combined time on the ‘special stages’.

Is this new?
No, stages rallies are held across the UK every weekend in forests, rural estates and on MOD property.

In 2018 this rally was the first in England to use closed public roads under new legislation gaining the marker #firstontheroad.

The four “special stages” cover a total of approximately 17.5 miles and the cars will travel over them three times during the day.

How will the closed roads be policed?
Using a combination of event rally marshals, security stewards and Essex Police.

How long will the cars be passing?
Although the roads will be closed all day the competing cars will be passing for approximately 1 hour, three times during the day.

Why do we need to close the roads all day?
To make the “special stages” safe we have to create a controlled environment to ensure that residents, spectators and competitors are safe.

Will residents be able to access their properties?
Yes, residents on the “special stages” will be able to access their properties during specific periods in the day.

Every resident on the “special stage” route has been individually contacted about the event. Each resident will be provided with a Resident Handbook which will detail the process and likely times for the access to their properties along with a contact details for their specific Stage Resident Officer who will be their direct point of contact on the rally weekend.

What is pre-event ‘scrutineering’ and the rally car ‘service area’?
Before the rally the competing cars undergo a series of safety and technical checks called scrutineering. During the rally, after each ‘loop’ of stages, the competing cars return to a central ‘service area’ at Western Esplanade, Clacton, for maintenance and refuelling. This creates its own ‘rally village’ area, which is interesting to view and normally attracts a significant amount of spectators.

What type of cars can take part?
The competing cars start as normal road cars but then undergo safety modifications and have to be registered and approved by the Motorsport UK. A wide range of vehicles from historic Ford Escorts up to the latest World Rally cars will be taking part. There will be 125 competing cars starting at 30 second intervals.

Spectating on the special stages
Spectators will only be allowed at designated spectator viewing areas. There will be a number of these along the competitive route and casual spectators will be directed to these. There will be security stewards at all other access points to the ‘special stages’ preventing spectator access. Full details will be available closer to the event on the spectator pages of this website.  http://corbeauseatsrally.co.uk/spectators-2/

The event has been working closely with local landowners to find suitable venues for spectator areas and ensure minimal disruption to the rural community.

Motorsport UK and Insurance
Motorsport UK, is the national governing body for four-wheel motorsport in the UK and is responsible for authorising and administering motorsport in the UK. Motorsport UK arranges third party liability insurance cover for all events, cover being up to £67 million for any one accident.

Chelmsford Motor Club
Chelmsford Motor Club is a non-profit making sports club that has events organised for its members, by its members. We have a membership that covers all of East Anglia and further afield. This event is being run by unpaid volunteers, just like most other local sporting events such as football, cricket, horse shows etc.

Contribution to the community
There will be approximately 1000 volunteer marshals, officials, competitors and service crews staying in the Tendring District over the rally weekend spending money on accommodation, fuel and food.
That is in addition to the spectators we expect to draw into the area to watch the event, which had an estimated attendance of 6,000 in 2018.

Following input from residents, Chelmsford Motor Club was delighted to support these charities in 2018:

Essex Air Ambulance £2000

Royal National Lifeboat Institution £2000

Riding for the Disabled Association £1000

The organisers are delighted to confirm these donations will be repeated in 2019.